Community activity is critical for children’s success

It is felt by the government that community activity is very critical  for the successful growth of children and hence they have been funding several initiative on this side from Torbay to Tyneside.


Most of the helpers in this initiative are local parents who want to make sure that children around them, can play out more often. This has lead them to helping in the play grounds adventure activity to get the kids closer to nature in the local parks.

The parents seem to be very happy with such activity. One of them, Peter said, that such activity has made a huge difference in the personal relationship between him and his daughter at home as well. Another old lady from Shiremoor Adventure playground, was of opinion that it feels great to give selflessly back something to the society and this might act as a motivation to her grown up children to do such things for their children as well.

Peter said, it’s made a huge difference in the personal relationship between him and his daughter

Thousands of people are getting involved with children to teach them small unique skills from their sphere of activities like dry stone wall builders, botanists, bee keepers and gardeners to name just a few.

A child who loves nature and respects things in his surrounding can only help in making our future society a better place to live in.

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