Play is the highest form of education

When we think of education we think of hard work, kids put up with it in order to avoid punishment or to receive rewards. School are often more akin to prisons than the playgrounds we imagine. But does it need to be this way? What is the actual different better work and play? Well when it comes down to it, it’s if you enjoy it or not. So if we could make learning play rather than work we would see lots of advantages, primary a massive increase in engagement from the child.

Their has been a big move in business to embrace something called called gamification. The concept is simple integrating the elements of games into work that make play enjoyable.

All work and all play made Steve Jobs (and others) a full boy! – Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman

This has been tried in multiple different places, from sales to management. But how can we bring this to education.



Well their has been multiple computer game examples that are worth mentioning, from typing of the dead (a zombie shooter that teaches touch typing) to where in the where in the world is Carmen Sandiego (a detective game which teaches geography). But we here at kids go kids are more interested in games that get kids back out into nature. A what with the research that the mental and health benefit that kids get from spending more time in nature. We though we would look at a couple of idea for your child to have a chance to learn through play in nature.

I Spy
You would be suprised how much young children can get from I spy. It improves deductive reasoning, spelling and to get to know nature. Don’t limit yourself to the standard “something beginning with “. You can use colours, number of legs. For example I spy “Something that grows and birds live in”. Played with multiple children so they can compete really feed into the gamification.

Minefield teaches children about trust and improves their communication skills. The aim is to guide a teammate through a set of obstacles whilst they are blindfolded. This helps with so many thing like,  communication skills and managing their anger issues.

Know any other good games? Please mention then in the comment, we would like to compile a full list and we will give citation out to anyone who suggest. Thanks.




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