6 Steps to Getting up on a Horse

Horse riding is a good adventure activity for kids. They not just enjoy horse, but horse riding also helps in keeping them active and healthy like running. But the most important part of riding horse is knowing how to get up a horse properly. So here are the steps to get up on a horse:


1st – Safety and happiness – Make sure that both you and the horse is in happy mood. Wear your safety helmet and knee pad. Also check that saddle is properly positioned and tied on the horse so that there is no chance of it slipping when you mount the horse.

2nd – Adjust the length of the foot rest – Make sure that your leg would properly reach the leg rest on both side of the horse.

3rd – Getting up on the horse –  Go to the left side of the horse and hold the saddle while getting up on the horse. If you are short and the horse is very high, use the mounting block to climb on it. Hold the reins and saddle horn with left hand for support. With your right hand hold the back part of saddle.

4th – Push your self up – Bring your body as near as possible to the horse and don’t pull horse near you. Facing the front, put your left foot on the stirrup and push from your right leg as you shift the weight of your body on left foot as we do while climbing the ladder.

5th – Swing your left leg around – With you left leg straight so that your body is raised, quickly swing your right foot from the rare side around horse and sit down on saddle.

6th – Secure your right foot on stirrup – As soon as you sit on the horse, secure the right foot on the right stirrup and take reins in both hands. That’s it !

Have a happy ride !!!


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