TV time swaping with time in Wild

Parents across England, were encouraged by a campaign for a week, to swap the child TV time with a little wild time. This innovative campaign was launched by intriguing new documentary film, ‘Project Wild Thing’, which was shown at over fifty theaters across UK.


Asking your child to be out in the wild and play instead of watching TV, is a much better way for them to grow up since it pushes them towards healthy body which can contain a healthy brain, felt the filmmaker and father David Bond.

During this campaign children went out for a camp. The kids were excited to enjoy the whole morning  discovering, and playing outside. The campers experienced attractions like the Tiger Trail, Snake Trail and Life Cycles. The entire afternoon playing games, enjoying free time to shoot hoops, and making art projects. For lunch, the campers enjoyed having a “picnic” with barbeque potato which the cooked themselves.

Project Wild Thing took around three years to complete. The documentary takes a funny and moving look at critical issues of growing age – the delicate link between children and nature.

I wanted to understand why my children’s childhood is so different from mine, commented David Bond. The reasons might be that they have being disconnected from nature in their lifestyle hopping between school and internet n TV at home. We need to make space for wild to enter their daily routine to have the sort of experiences that many of the older generation took for granted.

It is important to allow kids to discover the sights, sounds and smells of nature, in any kind of green space around the house.

Many parents are increasingly becoming concerned about the dominance of TV in their kid’s lives.

Many parents are increasingly becoming concerned about the dominance of TV in their kid’s lives.

Giving just thirty extra minutes of wild time every day for kids under twelve year old would be the equivalent of around three months of their childhood spent outdoors and this statistic is really lead the parents to think hard about changing their son’s and daughter’s lifestyle.


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