About Kids go wild

Kids need to explore.  To be free to play and learn.

Do you feel that your child is getting enough time in nature?  Or enough time to play with kids outside of their own age group?

If not, then you are in the right place.  We here at kidsgowild.com believe that kids need to have the ability to learn and grow by playing outside and in less controlled environments.  Nothing crazy, still supervised, but away from the over bearing school system approach.

The science behind this site is based upon Empathy.  Empathy is learned when children have rules taken away and get to socialize with children older or younger than they are.  Because if children are allowed to be with kids younger, they learn to be nurturing and in turn can then receive nurturing from kids older.  Also to share, and how to accept winning and losing.

This is all to help them as they grow up to be more comfortable in society and work better with others.  By putting consistent rules and limitations on kids interactions at youth we are setting them up for failure as adults in normal community and workplace settings.

Our site strives to help you as the parent be informed and motivated to get your kids into nature and go wild with fun!  Also to teach them to interact and get along with other kids from all ages, not just their own.  All for the betterment of their future success, and yours as a parent of course!

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